Franchise Concepts

Ben's Bubble Tea has two Franchise Concepts deigned to cater to a wide range of investment opportunities. These concepts include:

1. Ben's Bubble Tea Kiosk

2. Ben's Bubble Tea Store

More details on each of our franchise concepts are outlined below.


  • Quality & Buying Power

    Ben's Bubble Tea sources top-quality ingredients from manufacturers in Taiwan and South Africa, guaranteeing the highest standards for our products. With container imports from Taiwan, we have strong buying power in the South African market, ensuring franchisees have consistent stock year-round. As the exclusive supplier, we prioritize quality and consistency for our franchises without any royalty fees.

  • Expertise

    Ben's Bubble Tea is South Africa's premier franchise for bubble tea. We tailor our menu to the local market, providing customers and franchisees with a modern and simplified experience. Our dedicated support and guidance maximise your chances of success as we grow the Ben's Bubble Tea brand together.

  • Growth

    The bubble tea market in South Africa presents a significant growth opportunity, as it remains relatively untapped nationwide. There is a rising demand for premium beverages, particularly among younger consumers and individuals seeking diverse drink options. With the market expanding continuously, the potential for growth throughout South Africa is substantial.

Our Products

  • Bubble tea
  • Fresh Fruit Tea
  • Iced Tea
  • Fruit Fizz
  • Lemonade
  • Signature Milk Tea
  • Milk Tea
  • Mochi

Option 1: Kiosk

The Ben's Bubble Tea Kiosk offers a versatile solution for mall activations, providing the convenience of mobility if needed. This franchise option is tailored for individuals seeking a permanent location strategically positioned in high foot-traffic areas. With a 3m x 3m footprint, our meticulously designed kiosks exude aesthetic excellence, utilizing premium materials to ensure a visually appealing presence. Our Kiosk is the perfect combination of practicality and visual allure, designed to captivate customers in bustling locations.

Kiosk (9sqm) R535,000 - R565,000 incl. VAT

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Option 2: Store

The Ben's Bubble Tea Store presents a contemporary and enduring franchise concept, catering to customers seeking an inviting space to savour our delightful beverages on-site. Designed for individuals seeking a permanent establishment, this option provides an opportunity to foster enduring customer relationships and cultivate brand loyalty within the local community. The pricing for the Ben's Bubble Tea Store concept is tailored to accommodate varying store sizes and customisable interior designs.

Store (30-50sqm) R625,000 - R725,000 incl. VAT

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